Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete


Generally used for exteriors but can also be used in interiors as well. Ideal for columns, exterior detailing, cornices, friezes, wall panels, domes, pediments, ceiling designs and more.

GFRC is a highly durable yet lightweight material consisting of a mixture of cement and other additives, and reinforced with glass fiber. The result is a material which is significantly stronger than concrete.

The many benefits of GFRC include the following:

  1. It is lighter than materials such as concrete and cast stone
  2. Extremely strong and durable; can provide structural enforcement
  3. Less expensive than materials of this strength and durability
  4. Fire resistant
  5. Weather resistant; overall low maintenance
  6. Flexible; can be cast into many shapes and sizes
  7. Material can be pigmented to achieve a variety of different colors